National Travel and Tourism Week: Spirit of Travel

David Sadeghi’s team with first responders

The last several weeks, many of us have been talking about the varied impacts of COVID-19 on lives, businesses, how we work, how we quickly adapt, etc.

No industry is immune or exempt from the changes in which we now operate and communicate.

We’ve found ourselves saying, repeatedly, ‘last year, we were doing this…’ or ‘we were in this city or country…’ as we spoke of places we visited. We see our social media memories popping up, filled with selfies of groups gathered to eat and spend time together, attending an event, or vacationing and sharing the backdrop.

We have had some major holidays, spring break, and a myriad of conferences and other meetings and social occasions postponed, then canceled for 2020. The cancellations continue for both corporate and personal events and occasions.

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Nevertheless, in a time when they need help, we’ve seen our tourism and hospitality industry mobilize to support each other. They quickly adjusted, and so many are small businesses, and while they try to sort through their own evolving business models, they’re not forgetting their team and their community.

We are proud to work with the professionals in our industry and we look to silver linings at this time. Cheers to the spirit of travel and those working hard to make that magic happen so that when it’s safe and when it’s time, we’ll see you again.

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