Spirit of Travel: Food and Drink


The Spirit of Travel is clear among our guests missing those shared experiences visiting our eateries and craft beverage sites. Dining among friends and family; taking food tours at Southern Supreme; and tasting mead, wine, beer, cider, and spirits are all excursions that enhance every itinerary.

While staying close to home, there are a variety of ways we can support our local eateries, while also making our food and drink life interesting and fun. Takeout Tuesday is just one day dedicated to a night off and your favorite meal at a restaurant you love. Our celebrated chefs are making quarantine cuisines for every day of the week, offering variety, meals to freeze, and plenty of sides and desserts to share among those in your household.

Once you get home, Eater has some suggestions to make your takeout feel like a special occasion. Another way to enjoy your meal is to plan a picnic in your backyard or patio. Restaurants are currently offering special items such as grill kits, nacho kits, taco kits, and pizza kits.

94016513_1565162343652150_860051872285720576_nWant to support or send gifts to family and friends for gatherings via virtual meals? Purchase a gift card from your favorite local restaurant to use when they reopen. Complement your meal with craft beverages.

Many places are delivering or offering curbside pickup of beer, wine, and even margarita mix. You are ready for virtual happy hours!

Feeding a household or anyone wanting to stretch those dinners, family meals (or micro meals) are available, with local, healthy, and hearty menus. The Spirit of Travel shines brightly as our eateries that are accustomed to welcoming guests at their tables now provide a one-stop site for sundries; our small business owners now double as pop-up pantries and farm stands. Our farmers’ markets are open, too, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, all practicing social distancing.

Consider writing a positive review, as a local patron, for our future visitors. Creative ways to support some of our favorite small businesses, including locally-owned franchises, makes a difference in these difficult times.

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