Seafood and Drink

While the current year has brought many challenges, looking to silver linings gives us a little distraction and lifts spirits all around. Earlier this year, Postal Fish Co. hosted a seafood and wine dinner that was entirely takeout, with fine wines selected by Vino!! Wine Shop and their colleagues, plus an optional online segment to mingle and learn about the wines or simply enjoy a quiet date night with tasty dishes and everything except the restaurant atmosphere.

Chefs love to cook for guests and friends; sommeliers and winemakers love to share their wine choices and knowledge. Working jointly, they pair the food and wine, guests provide the conversation, and the wine experts illuminate with education to create a perfect evening.

Anna Lange – Vino!! Wine Shop owner and Michele D’Aprix – Currently the only American female making wine in Bordeaux.

One of the silver linings for a recent dinner collaboration was a person. Michele D’Aprix, an esteemed winemaker and importer, was visiting family and her overseas travel halted her work, so her stop became a boon for a collaboration with Chef Bill Hartley of the acclaimed Postal Fish Co. Chef Hartley specializes in incorporating locally grown ingredients with his passion for fresh seafood. Postal Fish Co. continues to celebrate seafood and drink, with heritage bourbon this month, Wednesday oyster nights, takeout meals, and a number of varied menus to honor his roots, his craft, and his love of feeding his guests. He will undoubtedly surpass culinary expectations in October, National Seafood Month.

You can learn more about Michele D’Aprix here and the photos of amazing seafood dishes and wine might entice guests to visit for the next wine dinner, this time at Vino!! Wine Shop (October 24), to celebrate fall and an Oktoberfest theme.


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