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Open road, with fields to the left and green grass/pasture to the right. Sign for what3words marking the location: royalty.kennel.piping

Maps and apps are functional and we know you love to plan your visit in advance. We’ve always been here to help you plan; now more than ever, we want to help you limit unnecessary stops and still enjoy some spontaneity. The key is to travel safely, confidently.

No matter how you approach your trip planning, knowing where sights and activities are means more time enjoying your visit and less time trying to find your destination.

We’ve partnered with what3words (w3w), so you can find and share exact locations with just three words. We strive to provide the best visitor services and support for our tourism and hospitality industry and this is one innovative way to define and share your experiences when you’re traveling to our area.

Our partnership with what3words is meant to add fun to the functional and is designed to bring you a precise, user-friendly answer to navigation and directions. We’ve added what3words to our businesses online and to enhance your experience. Download the FREE app to open a whole new world of navigational possibilities!

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How It Works

what3words is a really simple way to talk about location. It has divided the earth into 10 ft. squares and assigned each one a unique set of three words. It means any location in the world can be communicated with just three words. For example, the what3words address for the  Pittsboro-Siler City CVB is ///shines.exists.reels.

If you have organized a meet-up, it’s an easy way to advise of the exact spot—whether it’s in a park, on a hiking trail, or at an outdoor venue, it has a what3words address.

And it’s fun! If you arrive before others, snap a photo and use the app to add the exact three-word location onto the pic!

How we’re using what3words

We’ve added what3words addresses to our site to make it easier to navigate to everything from cafes and wineries to bike trails and tucked away gems.

Many of our listings now include their what3words address. Simply enter the three word identifier into the free what3words app or online map to see exactly where it is.

If you’re heading there immediately, just tap “navigate” to use your favorite navigation app (Google Maps, Apple Maps, etc).

If you want to share with a friend, simply tap “share” to send via your preferred messaging platform.

We also believe it’s important for visitors to feel confident in knowing their location. what3words means that even if you’re not a local, you can tell someone exactly where you are in three words: open the app, wait for the blue dot to stabilize, tap the current location icon, and your current what3words location will be displayed.

So give it a go and see what you think! And because what3words addresses never change, when you find the perfect sunset spot while out in the countryside, make sure to note the what3words address (maybe with a what3words pic!) and share the insider tip with your friends for their future visit.

We’re excited to help you explore everything our area has to offer, three words at a time.

You can find out more about what3words at what3words.com or watch this short video.

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