Global Meetings Industry Day

It’s an exciting year ahead and the first quarter has proven the significance and positive economic impact of meeting face-to-face. We’re excited for Global Meetings Industry Day and the steps forward we continue to take, jointly and safely, to meet again.

Meeting in the same room sends a positive energy throughout, for productivity, learning, and sharing knowledge, expertise, and information with one another. We’re looking forward to meeting more to:
• Share ideas, collaborate, innovate
• Work jointly for positive change
• Learn from industry colleagues, experts, mentors

We’ve spent a little more than two years now perfecting the art of conversation and working online. We carefully and slowly returned to small groups and gatherings. Our meetings included meal kits, distance, masks, checkpoints, and lots of boundaries to keep everyone safe. We’re now ready to keep the best practices for safe meetings and revel in the joys of face-to-face time.

Meetings support so much more than the venue. The economy of groups and gatherings, the positive impact on a community, and the revenue generated for businesses are all part of the equation.

Join us this #GMID 👏 Let’s hear it for the #Meetings industry, and all they do to ensure we can get back on the road and #MeetSafe with our colleagues. Happy #GMID2022

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