Chatham Food Hub: Compadres Siler City

The Chatham Food Hub project emerged at a time when it was most needed. Led by Eleanor Wertman, MPH (Program Manager, Community Health at UNC Health Alliance | Population Health Services), it is a significant and innovative project melding food, drink, chefs, and community. Our hospitality businesses (caterers, restaurateurs, chefs, farmers) will serve guests Wednesdays in Siler City at Bray Park this summer.

Our Chatham Food Hub series profiles all the charter members of this drive-through food court, with pre-orders taken online.

Compadres Siler City is one of two businesses jointly owned and operated in our area (Compadres Tequila Lounge) and they are also one of the participating businesses in the Count On Me NC initiative. They joined the Chatham Food Hub and added a number of popular selections to the menu: fajitas, chimichangas, family dinner, and arroz con pollo.

Guests of Compadres can simply order takeout through the Chatham Food Hub for themselves or as a gift. The easy and safe curbside option is a wonderful way to plan the week’s menu and pick up food from multiple restaurants at one place and time. Safety, and a little bit of leisure time, away from the kitchen, are a few reasons guests have been looking forward to food from Compadres.

The Hub is efficient and fans of the eatery are happy for alternatives for takeout. The Chatham Food Hub menu is available online for weekly orders and supporting small businesses at a difficult time, paying it forward to our first responders, front line staff, and medical personnel has tied community together, too.

About the Hub
Contact us for details about contributing to the Chatham Food Hub. Special thanks to Eleanor Wertman, Program Manager, Community Health, UNC Health Alliance | Population Health Services and The Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention. All vendors are encouraged to join the Count On Me NC initiative, a joint effort created by government and health officials in partnership with industry leaders from across the state.


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