Evergreen Nature Breaks

A time to revel in nature is an endless pastime and to make it everlasting, the staff and guests to our outdoor places know what it means and what it takes to make it evergreen.

We celebrate the days, World Wildlife Day, Earth Day, and any mention of a sustainable celebration. The pandemic showed that fresh air became a critical feature of routines, day trips, road trips, and getaways. Everyone wanted that space away from home where they could use their outside voice, take a selfie among the trees, and watch the sun (or raindrops) meld with acres of water.

Year-round, our nature places are here for you. A few ideas and places:

  • Wraparound porches for coffee or tea in the morning, with a comfortable chair, big mug, and warm blanket, at our bed & breakfast inns. Our accommodations have their own blends of tea and coffee or a selection from local and area roasters and dairies, including Aromatic Roasters, Vortex Roasters, and Maple View, to name a few.
  • Coffee, tea, a hot beverage around a campfire*. Or, a picnic, with easy snacks and sandwiches from one of our local eateries, from Chatham Marketplace with Celebrity Dairy Cheese and local craft beverages to Copeland Springs Farm and Kitchen to Carolina Brewery.
  • Outdoor adventures, from paddling with area outfitters to nature hikes to birding.
  • Wellness, forest bathing, yoga, and nature photography. Simply sit in solitude.

Need more inspiration? Contact us for half- or full-day itineraries, scenic road trip spots, and getaway specials.

*Safety always: check on regulations, secure a permit if needed, burn all wood to ash and until cold, and consider purchasing wood locally (in addition to wood from the ground but not broken from trees) so as not to bring in invasive species.

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