Shakori Hills Community Arts Center


Shakori Hills Community Arts Center supports the local music and arts community through cultural events and outreach to local schools. They also teach environmental awareness and sustainable living practices. Fostering and developing their infrastructure allows them to create and host more offerings and events year-round. Shakori Hills Community Arts Center is a place where everyone can enjoy nature, take strolls on beautiful trails, have family afternoons in the sun, and enjoy art, music, family, life, and all it has to offer.

Their most notable event is the twice-annual Shakori Hills GrassRoots Festival of Music and Dance (now in its 20th year), hosted during the first weekend of May and October. The GrassRoots Festival presents over 40 bands spanning worldwide traditional styles and genres. Each moment of the festival offers exciting and educational opportunities in which the entire family can participate! There are special children’s and youth areas with games, crafts, and interactive workshops. Workshops for children and adults encompass everything from how to play the fiddle, to movement (dance, yoga, etc) or garden classes and seminars on current green issues affecting the world.

Other annual events include:

Directions to Shakori Hills. Contact them about hosting your festival.



Although situated on a rolling half farm, and woods setting, Shakori Hills is fairly navigable by those with disabilities. Please find some helpful information below and reach out to [email protected] with any further questions.

  • gravel road connects all of the musical stages. As it is a rolling hill property, there are slight declines and inclines, but nothing too steep. This main thoroughfare provides good (though slightly rugged) access to any of the music and goes very close to our food area as well as all of the handicap-accessible camping and parking areas.
  • Mobility-impaired parking is available on a first-come, first-served basis and is divided into Van-Accessible spaces and regular-width spaces. Please see the parking volunteers for directions and access. A valid state-issued DMV ADA placard or HD plate is required.
  • They have two Mobility-Impaired Camping areas close to handicapped bathrooms. If interested in utilizing one of these sites, please contact [email protected] prior to attending a festival to coordinate.
  • They have an Accessibility Ambassador who can help you with any questions as well as bring the staff any requests and/or special information for ways to help and make Shakori Hills as accessible as possible.

Additional questions? Please contact the ambassador via phone (919-414-1426) or email at [email protected].


Events at Shakori Hills Community Arts Center.