Fair Game Beverage Company


Count on Me NC participant

Visit the distillery, featuring N.C. grown and produced Pot-Distilled Rums, Apple Brandy and No’Lasses sorghum cane rums, as well as a selection of port wine and fruit Tippers. Local craft beers on tap. Tastings available for $6 and include a souvenir glass. Offering wine, beer, coffee, mead, cider, and NC food and drink items in the online pantry.

Distillery tours are available each day we are open. This is a fun walk through of a working distillery and winery. On the tour you can learn about the processes that go into making the great wines and craft spirits at Fair Game. If you really want to get into the details, be sure to come on Friday nights for a tour from our head distiller himself. Tours typically last 25-30 minutes, and are followed by tastings.
North Carolina’s 13th distillery. Visit for upcoming eventsPart of the Heart of North Carolina B&B and Craft Beverage Trail.


Tasting Room Hours
Wed, 4pm – 8pm
Thu, 4pm – 8pm
Fri, 12pm – 8pm
Sat, 12pm – 8pm
Sun, 12pm – 6pm
Sat: 1:30pm and 3pm
Sun: 12.45pm
Tastings available for $5 and include a souvenir glass.


Fair Game Beverage is a participating Count On Me NC business. Safety protocols are in place in accordance with N.C. Executive Orders and guidelines. Please do not hesitate to inquire with any questions.