Chatham Cider Works


Chatham Cider Works (CCW) is part of the Starrlight Mead family at The Plant. Family-run business making small-batch hard cider using local and mountain apples. The cider is on tap and on shelves locally. CCW is part of the Heart of NC Trails and is available at Fair Game Beverage Company, 580 Craft Beer, Chatham Marketplace, and more.

Becky and Ben Starr of Starrlight Mead recently purchased Chatham Cider Works from its previous owners, Maureen and Jim. Starrlight Mead now has their first ciders, produced in-house, on tap and in bottles ready for your enjoyment. They are currently offering three flavors that CCW is best known for: Carolina Crisp, a dry cider; Pink Dogwood, a cider sweetened with tart cherry juice; and Highway 64, a dry barrel-aged cider.

Hard cider used to be widely made and drunk in the United States, but it died out during Prohibition. It is enjoying a resurgence, with cider makers and consumers discovering how varied the product can be. The selection of apples for cider has a significant impact on the flavor. CCW sources apples for flavor profiles that produce a balanced cider with light acidity and tannins. Their hard cider is also unfiltered, and higher in alcohol than most other commercial brands. It sits between a wine and a beer in alcohol levels.


Woman-owned and family-run business.


Mon-Thu: 12pm-6pm
Fri-Sat: 12pm-7pm
Sun: 1pm-5pm

First Sunday event monthly, Downtown Pittsboro First Sunday from 1pm-5pm.


15% off all mead bottle purchases, 6-bottle Starrlight Mead reusable wine bag, club membership card, complimentary glass of mead to help you celebrate your birthday, and more!


Part of the Chatham County Craft Beverages and Country Inns Trail.