Periwinkle on Chatham


One amazing partnership between five talented local artists. The wild women transformed a 7 foot 6 inch wide space into a whimsical and wacky display area to show and sell their artwork.

Arranged in the shop is pottery, vintage jewelry, tie dye and batik clothes and tablecloths, silver jewelry, and leather. All handcrafted, unique, and one of a kind. Custom orders are encouraged.

Shelly Joyce, Lynne Blanton, Adah Frase, and Melanie Huffman are the wild women chasing periwinkle. How did we come up with this name? Periwinkle is happiness, periwinkle is a beautiful blue violet color, periwinkle is the color of our building…aren’t we all chasing happiness? It was a “God wink” that this was the time for these ladies to join forces and open the most creative and fun handcrafted shop in our area. The wild women part just happened in jest, but it stuck…after all…every woman has some wild in them!

Each wild women will take turns working in the shop. Stop by for a visit and chat. Changing inventory and events.


Wed – Fri, 10am – 5:30pm
Sun, 10am-4pm
Also available by appointment