Natural Chef Cafe, CCCC


Takeout lunches available and occasional dinners (sit-down, family-style dinners and takeaway) include local ingredients from the Student Farm at CCCC. Varied menus offer seasonal dishes, including vegan and vegetarian options. Cash only and please bring your own bag/plastic bag for takeaway. Patio is open. Currently offering takeaway lunch, Wednesdays, 11.30am – 12.30pm (through Apr 2024 for the spring semester).

Central Carolina Community College students enrolled in the culinary program prepare dishes. The Natural Chef Cafe chefs teach students, oversee the program, and manage operations. Chef Regina Minter and Chef Kelly Burton are both an integral part of Cafe operations, education, and menu preparation and design. The Cafe is a Recognized NC GreenTravel Partner.

Offering locally grown foods prepared fresh and with sustainable practices.
Supporting local farmers for meats and produce. In addition, Cafe does not use bleached flours, sugars, or GMO foods. Cafe is not 100% organic; however, organic products are used throughout their operations when possible and they purchase from organic-practicing farmers.
All fees collected for foods are used to replenish the Cafe pantry and to keep the educational program operating. Prices are based on the cost of goods used to prepare the meal. Tobacco-Free location.

  • The Natural Chef Cafe does NOT accept credit cards.
  • All gratuities recieved will be deposited into the CCCC Culinary Arts Foundation account and are tax deductible.
  • The Natural Chef Cafe will be closed for all CCCC holiday or weather related closures.