Janet Resnik Pottery

132 Collins Mountain Rd Chapel Hill, NC 27517


Open every Sunday and Wednesday from 3-6 P.M, and by appointment. We will be “social distancing” and wearing masks. During regular store hours, we give a 20% discount for cash and 15% for checks. We do not take credit cards. For further information and photos of the pottery, please visit our website.

Janet Resnik Pottery produces and sells functional stoneware pottery designed and priced for everyday use. Janet’s work reflects the Chatham County Farm where her combined studio and gallery is located. Surrounded by trees and flowers, donkeys, horses, cats, dogs and guineas, it is no wonder that her plates, mugs, bowls, pitchers and platters feature impressionistic landscape, animal, iris and Christmas designs.
The pottery is either “thrown” on a potter’s wheel or rolled and formed using a slab roller. Janet does all the wheel throwing; her assistants, including husband Mike, use the slab roller. Janet also does all the decorating (glazing).

After the pottery is formed it is allowed to dry before being fired the first time in a low temperature electric kiln. The resulting bisque ware is glazed and then fired a second time to a much higher temperature in order to bond molecularly the glazing material to the clay. Janet does most of the glaze firing in an electric kiln, but uses a gas kiln for certain glazes.

People from all walks of life buy and love Janet’s pottery. And they are grateful for her reasonable prices: a spoon rest cost $4, a dinner plate $24, and a bird bath or large bowl $65. The pottery is lead free, dishwasher safe and can be used for baking if started in a cold oven. You may view the pottery on the Website–www.janetresnikpottery.com–but you cannot buy it online.