Hempsmith Clothing Company


Hempsmith Clothing Company is a mission-driven sustainable hemp clothing company located at The Plant devoted to spreading a love of hemp, the Earth, and a fresh look around the world. Their goal is to provide fine, ethical products and work to protect this garden planet by returning hemp to the people. All of their product is made in America and 100% organic.

bringing hemp home to the Carolinas

Hempsmith is Bringing Hemp Home to the Carolinas. Hemp is an excellent plant for fiber, textiles, and many other purposes. Industrial hemp grows tall and quickly, requiring minimal space and water. It also captures carbon from the atmosphere, aiding in ongoing efforts to combat climate change. The fabric that comes from hemp is a beautiful, durable, rustic, and renewable cloth.

Right now, all of their fabric has to come from overseas, so their mission is to build the local hemp market and bring the production back home to North Carolina. Hempsmith is currently working on patterns for clothing and collaborating with textile manufacturers in the region to prepare for production. You can help them by buying hemp from local producers or choosing hemp for your organization’s apparel.

The Story Behind Hempsmith

Founded in 2014, Hempsmith is the entrepreneurial vision of Zafer Estill. With an adventurous spirit, a love for the Earth, and an unrivaled passion for the burgeoning Hemp Revolution, Zafer became a champion for the numerous benefits of hemp products. Before he could see his dreams for the company come to fruition, Zafer Estill passed away on April 14, 2016, at age 19, leaving his ambitions to his brother, Arlo Estill. Zafer lives on in the Hempsmith Movement and in the adventurous spirit of anyone who believes in making a difference on our green planet.


Durable and slow fashion made from the hemp plant.


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