Brookwood Farms


Four generations of the Wood family have been serving up real, pit-cooked barbeque since the 1970s. Jerry “Bubba” Wood founded Brookwood Farms in 1978, and his sons, Craig and Twig, joined shortly after. Bubba soon found that real, Southern-Style BBQ is made from roasting the meat low and slow over hickory charcoal. The first stainless steel pits were built in 1982 and are still used today.
The family’s dream of bringing high-quality, pit-cooked BBQ into foodservice has come true. Within the last year, Brookwood has added 100 yards of pit space, totaling 200 yards with a cooking capacity of 100,000 pounds of meat a night. Even with the expanding business and growing notoriety, Brookwood keeps its focus the same as it was more than 40 years ago. No gas, no liquid smoke – just pit-cooked BBQ with a natural charcoal smoke and sauce. It’s that simple!
Brookwood Farms can be found in many restaurants, grocery stores, schools and kiosks in the Eastern U.S. Craig and Twig’s children, Burton, Stephen, Craig and Ashley, have recently joined the family business, promising another generation of real, pit-cooked BBQ.