B. Everett Jordan Dam and Lake


Please note:
Jan 8, 2021 update: for the next two weeks, engineers will be working on making repairs to the dam. In this time, the dam will be closed to pedestrians. Thanks for your patience.

B. Everett Jordan Dam and Lake is one of the Research Triangle Region’s largest open green spaces. The Jordan Lake Project conserves 46,768 acres in the midst of an expanding urban area. Of this total, 13,900 acres have been flooded to form the lake and 32,868 acres are being managed for recreation and wildlife management.

Jordan Lake has become a major attraction for recreation seekers and a number of facilities have been developed to meet their needs. These include campsites, picnic areas, beaches, boat launching ramps, a marina, and nature trails.

Recreation facilities are provided by the North Carolina Division of Parks and Recreation, North Carolina Division of Forest Resources, North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Our Visitor Assistance Center has much to offer, including a classroom/meeting space and interpretive displays in our lobby.