Lindale Organic Dairy


Lindale Organic Dairy in Snow Camp is the first and only organic dairy in Chatham County. Visit them on the Piedmont Farm Tour and the immense work of Neill and Cori Lindley in which they converted their once conventional operation to organic.

The farm is a member of the Organic Valley CROPP cooperative. Piedmont Farm Tour visitors will see an organic dairy in operation and learn how the Lindleys cope with the challenges of the climate to manage a dairy herd without antibiotics or hormones, while adhering to Organic Valley’s strict pasture requirements (stricter than USDA).

Please pay attention to biosecurity measures and do your part to help protect the Lindale herd and our food supply!

The Lindleys are vocal advocates for organics. Visit and learn how healthy soil equals healthy crops and happy cows. See the milking facility, milk tank storage, cows and calves, and a 200-acre pesticide-free family owned farm.

Located three miles from the Silk Hope-Liberty-Gum Springs intersection.